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FAQ – How do I book a florist?

Who doesn’t love flowers? Florals change your environment and provide a sense of romance throughout your space. Floral goes hand in hand with Booking Decor.

Question: How do I choose the best florist for my wedding? What am I looking for in their proposals? What questions should I ask?

Begin by sending your initial email, which outlines your wedding floral wishlist. Review the florist on their online portfolios, their published work and their Instagram. Then reach out to inquire, and be very clear about your desired budget. Here’s the information you’ll need to provide the florist in your initial inquiry.

  1. Wedding Date
  2. Wedding Location
  3. Your vision
  4. Your basic needs including your guest count
  5. Number of bouquets
    1. Tip: remember to think about mothers and grandmothers
  6. Number of boutonnieres
    1. Tip: remember to include fathers and grandfathers
  7. Quantity of flower arrangements and candles at ceremony, cocktail hour, and your reception
    1. Areas to consider:
      1. Ceremony arbor, cross, chuppah or statement piece
      2. Welcome Table at Ceremony
      3. Bars – Cocktail and Reception
      4. Dining tables
      5. Lounge areas and side tables
      6. Restrooms
      7. Cake floral arrangements
      8. Guest Book Table
      9. Escort Card Table or Display
      10. Band Backdrop

The more details you can provide them, the more they can better understand your needs, and the happier you’ll be.

As with all decor and design vendors, your options for floral are endless, so it’s important you select a florist that truly understands your style and needs. Here’s a helpful article from Brides that outlines Every Single Question You Need to Ask Your Florist.

Comparing Proposals:

After sending your initial email, please compare the proposals side by side, and consider the below:

  1. What was their initial communication style like? Did they respond within a timely manner? 
  1. What was their proposal turnaround time?
  2. Did they express an eagerness to work with you?
  1. Do you find the proposal to be complete and professional? Items to look for: 
  1. Did they include descriptive text/verbiage of how they’d like to execute your desired vision. Do you understand their descriptions? 
  2. Did they include good pictures, and do they match your aesthetic?
  3. Is their proposal creativite? Did they propose new ideas that you find interesting? 
  4. Did they include itemized pricing that is clear and understandable?
  5. Is there a clear outline of contract terms?
  1. What are their payment terms? 
  1. Do they have a reduction policy? I.e. Can only reduce the proposal cost by 10% by X date? If so, are you comfortable with that? We are typically OK with this.
  2. Are there hidden fees, like travel expenses, setup or striking fees?
  3. Ask if strike is included. Do they charge extra to refresh the arrangements and bring them to brunch the next day.
  4. Is the proposal within budget? If not, can you evaluate their cost value? Meaning, if there are items that you need to scale back on or remove, will it compromise the overall look? If needed, can they adjust it for you?
  5. Are they familiar with the venue? Not required but always a plus. 
  6. Set clear needs and expectations from start to finish.

After viewing each of the proposals, does one stick out to you more than the others? If so, we suggest you go with that florist. If you are torn between two and need guidance based on our experience, we are happy to help you make a decision. 


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