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FAQ – Creating Your Wedding Website

It’s time for you to get started on your wedding website! As I’m sure you know, the website is a great tool to keep guests informed and educated about both your wedding and everything there is to do over your wedding weekend. Please note that it will evolve and be modified as details are finalized.

We typically recommend 5 different wedding website options, listed below. The first 4 are basic templates that can be tweaked slightly to the theme or feel of your wedding, but the 5th option is custom. Please note that pricing does vary from site to site!

1) Bliss & Bone –
2) The Knot –
3) Zola –
4) Riley & Grey –
5) Squarespace –

In addition to your wedding information (date, time, location, attire), our clients typically include some combination of the below, which may be helpful when looking at platforms / how you’d like information to be displayed.

  • About The Couple: This is a great opportunity for you to tell the story of how you met, what it is about each other that you love, how you spend your time together, why you chose your venue, or something fun most people don’t know about you.
  • Wedding Events: You may not know full details when you create, but fill in as best you can. Feel free to use “details to follow” as a good placeholder.
  • The Places: Include your favorite restaurants, shops, activities, spas, exercise opportunities, etc. in and around your venue for tailored recommendations for your guests.
  • Travel: Your guests will want to know how best to travel to the site so include closest airports (Airport 1, Airport 2, or Airport 3), recommended shuttle companies from the airport, and transportation systems like RFTA.
  • People: Sometimes couples include a listing of their wedding party by name. This is definitely not required, but if you do choose to include this, we often like to include a photo or blurb about each person.
  • Registry: Are you registered anywhere so far? Are you considering a honeymoon fund? If you don’t have this information yet, not to worry, just be sure to add when you can.
  • Photos: Self explanatory, but a great way to include some personality on your page.

The last element is a custom domain name (typically around $20/year), which is helpful for guests to easily recall and allows a concise website to be noted on your paper ( versus something like We strongly suggest a custom domain name.

Once it’s all set up, please send us the link for a quick review!


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