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FAQ – Tipping Guidelines: Vendors

We find that a majority of our clients ask about tipping guidelines. As this is an industry about passion, tipping is not required or expected by your vendors, but it is appreciated. Below is our compiled list of tipping standards. The list is not exhaustive, and we find that some go over or do not tip at all.

How to Tip:

Provide us with your envelopes the day-of and we will distribute it personally to each of your vendors. If this gets forgotten, it’s okay! Please let us know if you missed a vendor and we can assist with mailing it after the event.

Catering Manager/Catering Staff: Above and beyond the 20% service charge (if included), we recommend including a $100-$200 tip for the service manager and $50 for banquet captain. If you would like to include for servers $20-30 for kitchen/wait staff is standard.

Photographer: $50-$100 per

Videographer: $50-$100 per

Ceremony Musicians: $25-$40

Band/DJ: If a band/DJ is booked through an agency, $25-$50 per musician. If not, this is at your discretion.

Hair and Makeup: This is the one vendor that is guaranteed. Typically we see 20% of your total service.

Officiant: If you are already paying a fee, tip between $50-$100 or make a donation to their congregation or a cause that you know they feel strongly about.

AV/Lighting: At your discretion.

Florist: Not typically expected but can be given if you feel an exceptional job was done.

Bakers: Not typically expected but can be given if you feel an exceptional job was done.

Tent/Rentals: Not necessary.

Transportation: Not necessary if a mass limo service.

Our incredible events wouldn’t be possible without the amazing vendors we work with, so we recommend rewarding extraordinary efforts, and if the budget does not allow for extra tips, thank you notes are always very appreciated!


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