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FAQ – What does decor entail?

What is event Decor? Decor is the icing on the cake for your design, and ties your energy as a couple together. It can be as simple as elevating the day with flowers, linen, draping, or adding speciality rentals. Below we help define each vendor and design elements to consider.

Question: How do I know which vendors to book for décor for my wedding, and what do each of them do?

Depending on your venue and style preferences, you may be looking for additional décor to set the mood for your wedding. We work with a wide variety of decor companies that can cater to your every need!

We recommend gathering as many photos as possible for inspiration and creating a mood board or design board to communicate your vision. What’s the difference between the two?

  • Mood Board: A mood board is a compilation of images and samples that capture the essence or “mood” of your wedding. It’s a guide to help steer your design.
  • Design Board: As you confirm your design pieces, the design board is used to help you see how the actual items are fitting together visually, and to help see each piece come together.

The most commonly used décor vendors are florist, draping vendors, specialty rentals, and full-service décor vendors. Each vendor has a different role and can work independently or work together as a collaborative team.


  • The vendor who specializes in creatively combining flowers, greenery, grasses, etc., in bouquets, boutonnieres, table centerpieces, installation pieces and other arrangements for your wedding
  • Most florists can also provide other décor items such as candles, table linens, architectural structures, trees, hedges, etc.
  • Florists are an essential part of any wedding’s décor


  • The vendor who works to soften venue edges, decrease the sizing of larger spaces, hide unsightly walls, etc. This is all accomplished by draping fabrics inside a venue.
  • When done right, adding fabric (usually sheer, gauzy textiles like chiffon, organza or voile) will make your venue feel more luxe and upscale, yet intimate and cozy at the same time.
  • There are many styles and draping methods used to add a serious “wow” factor to a venue with billowing fabrics.


  • Rather than using what is provided by your venue or caterer, you can rent decorative items from many different vendors. Rental vendors often have a wider variety of items to ensure your décor compliments your wedding style
  • There are two different categories of rentals. Standard Rental companies have your day-to-day needs like tables, chairs, flooring, staging, tableware, and more. Standard rentals are companies like Premier Party Rental, and Event Rents – a few of our favorites! Specialty Rentals offer a more elevated touch and provide more personality to your event like Casa De Perin or Max & Livie.
  • Rentals can include basic items such as tables and chairs, more luxurious options for china, glassware, silverware, lounge furniture, lighting fixtures, and custom features such as a monogrammed dance floor or specially built bar.

Full-Service Décor

  • Some décor vendors provide full-service event design and production. These vendors will provide all designers, florists, technical staff and production teams to execute the entire wedding.
  • This option is often the most expensive but if you are looking for a cohesive design across the entire wedding weekend, this might be your best option!

Reminder! Lighting is another element of design that really helps enhance your decor. Without lighting, great decor doesn’t exist! Take a look at our Booking AV and Lighting.


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