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FAQ – How do I book a Stationer?

Oh, we love a good printed piece! Stationary is another design element that can make an impression on your guests. Finding a stationer that works well with your overall design, whether that’s a standard order through Minted, or something more customized, will depend on your budget and how much you want to allocate towards this. Hiring a stationer will save you time from assembling, addressing, and stamping each invitation to make sure every last detail is perfect. Below is our wedding stationery checklist that will help outline every step to booking a stationer.

Step 1: Identifying

Identifying stationers starts with a little research. Whether that’s browsing through Etsy, Instagram, or Pinterest, look through your go-to media outlets for inspiration, and you’ll end up finding a vendor you love. You can also look through our Something Blue Preferred Vendors list.

Keep in mind, every stationer is different. Some are designers and others just assist with coordinating.

Step 2: Creating your List

Before reaching out to your stationers, create a list of all the pieces you’d want to print. There’s a wide range of paper products, so know that not every piece is required, everything is optional. Here’s a short list of items to consider:

  • Monogram/Logo
  • Save the date
  • Invitation suite
    • Invitation
    • Envelope
    • RSVP Card
    • RSVP Envelope
    • Itinerary
    • Stamps
  • Day of paper
    • Welcome booklet
    • Program
    • Menu
    • Escort cards/place cards
    • Specialty signage
    • Table numbers: Don’t forget to think about the holders! These often get forgotten.

For a full list of items, here’s a helpful guide from Brides on Every Piece of Stationery You’ll Need for Your Wedding.

Step 3: Sending your Inquiry

Here’s what to include in your initial email:

  1. The number of invitations/save the dates/ ceremony programs/menus, etc.
  2. Your desired budget
  3. The type of stationery
  4. Your wedding date: Deadlines are important!
  5. Design Examples: This is self explanatory. Share any inspiration photos you have, it will help them understand your look.

Try to also have an idea of your wording ready. Don’t stress too much on having all the information for your stationer. They can assist in creating the right verbiage for you – that’s why you hire them! You can also refer to our Invite Verbiage or Invitation Tutorials for additional resources.

Step 4: Reviewing Proposals

After sending your initial email which outlines your wedding paper wish list, please compare the proposals side by side. Items to consider in your comparison:

  • Communication Style:
    • What was their initial communication style like?
    • Did they respond within a timely manner?
    • Did they express an eagerness to work with you?
  • Professionalism:
    • Do you find the proposal to be complete and professional?
    • Did they include descriptive text/verbiage of how they’d like to execute your desired vision.
    • Do you understand their descriptions? Did they include a note on all the items that you requested?
    • Did their photos match your aesthetic?
    • Is their proposal creative, and did they propose ideas that you find interesting?
    • Did they include itemized pricing that is clear and understandable?
  • Contract Terms:
    • Is there a clear outline of contract terms?
    • What are their payment terms?
    • What is the turn-around time like? Does this fit within your timeline?
  • Budget:
    • Is the proposal within budget?
    • If not, can you evaluate their cost value? Meaning, if there are items that you need to scale back on or remove, will it compromise the overall look/vibe?

After viewing each of the proposals, does one stick out to you more than the others? If so, we suggest you go with that vendor. If you are torn between two and need guidance based on our experience, we are happy to help you make a decision.


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