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1 Month Out!

Congratulations! You’re 1 month out, which means by now you are (or should be), done with planning your wedding. Now is the time where you and your fiance can sit back, relax and enjoy being a bride and groom. Well, maybe! We know those smaller family items may pop up and seating may take over. But… hopefully all big decisions are done!! This month, we’ve broken down the smaller items you’ll need to take care of week by week. These are just suggestions, so feel free to complete as many tasks prior to our recommended deadlines.

Week 1:

  • RSVPs: Track down any remaining guests. Remember to think about seating.
  • Pick up your marriage license. Check in with the local County Clerk’s office. Most allow you to schedule an appointment 1 month in advance.
  • Assemble gift bags: If you are providing welcome bags, this is the perfect time to begin assembling them. Be sure to inform the hotel drop-off locations. Oftentimes they charge a service fee. Our team is also happy to assist with this, please refer to our A La Carte pricing below:
    • $5/bag fee: assembly and delivery of welcome bags to 1 location
    • Hourly + 5% service charge: Ordering, assembly, and delivery of welcome bags to multiple locations
  • Place Cards / Escort Cards: Begin organizing your place cards by table number, refer to your seating chart. Then, alphabetically organize your escort cards by last name. Think of how these will be displayed. Are they hanging on a string, framed, do they need holders? Make sure you keep us in the loop and tell us your plan!
  • Break In Your Wedding Shoes: Nobody loves blisters, especially on your wedding day! Walk around the house in your shoes, practice your first dance together, move around and make sure you break your shoes in!

Week 2:

  • Vows / Notes: Take your time writing your vows, or notes to each other. This is something sweet for you and your fiance to exchange, but completely optional!
  • Thank you cards: Write thank you cards for people hosting events, and to those that supported you throughout the planning process. It’s stress free to have these ready beforehand.
  • Shipping Items: Please make a detailed list of all the items you are shipping to our team. This template is saved in your wedding workbook. Be sure to let us know what it’s complete.
  • Confirm Transportation: Confirm the schedule and guest locations with your transportation vendor.

Week 3:

  • Arrange Final Payments: Check with all your vendors that final payments have been made. The last thing you’ll want to think about during your honeymoon are pending payments.
  • Gratuity: Prepare your gratuity for your vendors ahead of schedule. You can hand these to our team and we will be sure to distribute them day-of. Please refer to our Tipping guidelines.
  • Final Dress fitting: Be sure to have a family or friend join you so they can learn the steps on how to bustle your dress

Week 4:

  • Practice your vows
  • Pack your bags for your wedding weekend. Be sure to include a small clutch for the day-of to carry all your small personal items
  • Get your ring cleaned
  • Take care of personal details:
    • Manicure/Pedicure
    • Waxing or facial
    • Refreshing your hair color or getting a cut
  • Wedding Day!


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